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Specifications for Popular Products

The files below detail some of our most popular products. You will need a PDF reader installed to view these files - download Adobe Reader for free

Carved Handrails
We can provide handrails for any structure with your own artwork etched into them or we can supply artwork celebrating wildlife or local history. Handrails can provide linear games or stories, explain food chains or events through historic or geological time frames.
Forest Musical Instruments
Log drums, tree xylophones and slit drum benches for forest schools and playgrounds.
View Point Benhces
The view from your site carved and annotated into the backrest of a beautiful bench. We can add images of your site's wildlife as well.
Aircraft Bench
2018 is the 100th anniversary of the RAF. The 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain is in a couple of years. How is your parish celebrating these historic events?
All Ability Picnic Table
An innovative English hardwood picnic table suitable for all family members including the elderly, infirm and wheelchair users.
Timber Sculptures
A variety of sculpture products in a three page flier in PDF format.
Curved or straight, ground level or raised - see a flier on our timber boardwalk options.