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Designed and Created by Tom Hills

About Us

Our work is community centred and designed to be accessible to as wide a range of ages and abilities as practically possible.

Features are designed and created by Tom Hills and his team through on-site liaison with site managers and/or members of the local community, artwork commissioned from Mike Langman and other well-known artists. We specialise in making your ideas come to life in your greenspace.

We use a range of sustainably sourced timbers including cedar, oak, sweet chestnut, larch, macrocarpa - always from British grown trees

We make use of windblown timber and can take the timber from your site to make furniture for your visitors.

Although we develop one off projects we have a series of popular designs available on our Products Sheets.

Greenspace Designs Limited is great company for making boardwalks, benches, signboards, interpretation materials, education packs, bridges, walkways, dipping platforms, jetties, disabled access structures, raised boardwalks, aerial walkways, handrails, carved information boards, carved benches, memorial benches, kissing benches, picnic benches, hillside benches, group seating features, gathering points, storytelling areas, poetry trails, nature trails, tree trails, bird identification, tree leaf and seed trails, interactive interpretation trails.